2000W 2U 110V-264V Single Full Voltage Multiple Mining Power Supply Flat Port

2000W 2U 110V-264V 6-pin Mining Power Supply is one of the most popular miner power supplies in the market.

Features as follow:
1. Support single voltage or full voltage, single voltage will be 180V-264V, and full voltage will be 110V-240V.
2. Support 6 pin Graphics card
2. Both single voltage or full voltage power 2000W MAX, conversion efficiency of 96%
4. Strength protective housing protects the internal components
5. High quality full copper output wire and sufficient material for more stable transmission
6. 7 fan blades with a strong heat dissipation
7. Heavy-duty protections, including Over Voltage Protection, Under Voltage Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection, and Short Circuit Protection.
8. Compatibility: For Bitcoin / Litecoin/HNT helium miner machine
If you have any questions about the miner power supply or to increase helium miner rewards, please email info@tvpao.com or WhatsApp Me Now.