TV Box is one of the hot streaming devices on the market, with Android OS system having the highest percentage. Android TV Boxes can completely replace some of your TVs, allowing them to act as displays.


First, many current TV systems have small memory and can’t download more content or apps.
Second, the limitation of TV, some smart TVs can’t download third-party software. So, the function is limited.
Third, many users are still using ordinary TVs, not smart, with a TV box is like changing a large memory, become a smart TV.

At present, more on the market are 4K TV boxes, which support watching 4K video content. Some TV boxes support 6K decoding and 8K decoding. But also just support video decoding, not the real 8K resolution.

Today we will share a box is the latest 8K resolution TV box, called X96 X10 TV Box.There are still some differences between X96 X10 Android box and the already listed H96 Max V58 8K resolution box, the specific differences are as follows:

X96 X10 S928X Android TV Box
H96 MAX V58 RK3588 Android 12 TV Box

1 Chipset

X96 X10 TV Box with the latest Amlogic chipset: Amlogic S928X, While H96 MAX V58 TV Box is using Rockchip RK3588, these 2 chips are the best Android TV box chip on the market for now.

2 Dual CPU

General TV boxes only have one CPU, but X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 have two CUPs. The two CPUs are large-core Cortex-A76 and quad-core Cortex-A55, dual CPU design makes the box run faster!

3 8K Resolution

Generally, the resolution of TV box is only 4K, but X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 support 8K resolution, only 2 TV boxes support it at present.

4 8K HD Output

X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 Android TV Boxes support 8K HD output, which can decode 8K video and output it to TV. Due to HD limitations, current TV boxes that shows support 8K only support 8K video decoding but not output, these 2 boxes totally solve this problem, the HD interface supports 8K output, along with a HD cable that supports 8K transmission.

5 Wifi6+ Signal Booster

X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 TV Boxes both support dual wifi with Wifi6, and at the same time with a signal booster, so that WiFi signal transmission faster!

6 8GB Operating Memory

X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 Android Box support 8GB operating memory, which is currently the largest operating memory for an Android TV box, and 8GB of operating memory can help the box run faster.

7 Android OS

X96 X10 is Android 11 OS, while H96 MAX V58 TV Box with Android 12 operating system.

The X96 X10 and H96 MAX V58 Android box are the fastest running boxes at the moment. If you are looking for a tv box with high performance, you can consider buying one of these 2 boxes. For more info, you can get from the below YouTube video.