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Dear friends,

We offer trials for almost all IPTV packages that we have, you can have a test before deciding which package to subscribe to. Let’s take iviewHD as an example.
If you want to subscribe to iviewHD, but get no idea what live channels on it, whether its server is stable or not, then it is the very time to take a trial.
Make sure you get the very application for iviewHD before testing.
You can click the following page to get the proper one,

iviewHD on Firestick, Enigma or Android box,

iviewHD on Android Phones or Pads.

The trial will last 3 days, and never start to deduct the valid till you put it into your device, one device is allowed to test only once, and the premium channels are not available for a test account. Besides, iviewHD does not support M3U and VLC.
if you are satisfied with the package after the trial, you can go the Purchase page Here to get a subscription. Usually, an Email along with the activation code will be sent to you within 12 working hours.
More packages, please go OUR SITE HERE.

Best Regards,
The TVpao Team

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