On this page, we would like to share one of our latest air mouses, which can basically meet the needs of most users, it is called A8 air mouse.

A8 BLE Voice Air Mouse w/ Keyboard

A8 Air Mouse with keyboard features:

  1. Connected by 2.4G (with USB receiver) or Bluetooth
  2. With Backlight, easily use in a dark environment.
  3. Built-in rechargeable battery, and recharge by the micro to USB cable, also have smart power saving technology.
  4. Two options, choose the A8 Bluetooth remote with voice control function or not.
  5. Universal use, like for Android TV Box, Smart TV, Tablet, Windows, Linux, Mac OS devices.
  6. Small mini with non-slip design
  7. Touchpad, dual mouse left and right button design, support multi-finger touch
  8. Press the Fn and F3 keys of the A8 voice air mouse at the same time to enter Bluetooth mode.
  9. Fn+F2=3 color LED backlight & backlight (optional)
  10. In the upper left corner, you can adjust the previous and next music, pause, mute, and sound volume, in the upper right corner are the four direction keys and the confirmation key
  11. Adjustable mouse speed, two-speed adjustable
  12. Innovative full-screen scrolling function

From the above features of the A8 mini remote control, it more like a universal remote control, and easy to replace your old remote control on your devices.(for example: TV Box, you can just connected by the 2.4G or just Bluetooth, and use all the functions.)

So do you like this A8 voice tv remote control with keyboard?

If you don’t like this one, we also have many other air mouse with different functions. Leave me a message below, I will recommend a suitable or best tv remote control for you.