In the past few months, many factories have released several new TV boxes with the latest system, Android 12.0, the latest configuration, design, and so on.

What should we pay attention to when buying a new box?
1. Android version, the latest version of Android is Android 12.0, and many Android 10 and 11 set-top boxes are still selling well.
2. Chipset. For a TV box, the chipset is especially important. The quality and longevity of the chipsets vary. The common chipsets on the market are Amlogic, Rockchip, and Allwinner.
3. Memory. Different memory boxes, the price is completely different. If you want to download multiple apps or store multiple types of files, choose a box with more memory.
4. Function. Whether it has Bluetooth, whether it supports dual WIFI, whether it can use a USB device, whether it can use a TF card, and whether it can use network cable (100M&1000M).
5. Video decoding. Currently, the boxes on the market can support 4K live streaming. Some boxes can support 6K decoding, and some support 8K decoding.

From the above, we just need to choose a suitable one for our own needs.
Here, I’d like to share two Android 12.0 TV box. and see which one you like.

H96 MAX V58 RK3588 Android 12 TV Box

H96 MAX V58 TV Box

  1. Android 12.0 operating system
  2. This Android 12 tv box supports 4K live streaming, and 8K 60@fps video decoding
  3. With a 2.4G wireless Voice remote control
  4. You can use dual WIFI (2.4G+5G) WIFI 6 Speed for network or Ethernet cable (1000M)
  5. Rockchip 3588, one of the powerful and latest chipset on the market, high performance 6T computing power
  6. TV bow with Bluetooth 5.0, so if you don’t like the 2.4G remote control, you also can buy an extra BT remote control
  7. Memory for 4G+32G or 8G+64G
  8. Strong WIFI signal
X98H PRO Android 12 TV Box
X98H PRO Android 12 TV Box

X98H Pro TV Box

  • Android 12.0 operating system
  • Allwinner H618 chipset, one of the latest chipsets on the market now
  • This Android 12 media box supports Dual wifi 2.4G 5G WIFI6 or 100M Ethernet Cable
  • The TV Box support BT 5.0, and use other Bluetooth devices
  • Support 4K live streaming, and 6K video decoding
  • Two HD*MI ports, which means you can use two different devices with HD*MI ports, and you can press the HD switch buttons to switch two devices
  • Support 3 pcs USB devices and one TF Card
  • Support connecting the TV with HD*MI and AV cables
  • With IR remote control, you can change a new remote with 2.4G or Bluetooth Remote

Compare with the two TV Boxes, which Android 12 smart tv box you prefer? We also have many other different TV boxes, pls let me know your budget, I will recommend one for you.