Android TV and Android TV Box are always a hot topic, so do you know the difference between them?

Android TV generally refers to Smart Android TV with Android system, and a lot of streaming software. Such as: Samsung Smart TV, LG Smart TV, Hisense Smart TV, etc. All of them are the hotter TVs on the market. These Android Smart TVs are generally certified by Google (ATV system), so as long as you log into Google, you can access the software on top of the TV. However, Android TV has some drawbacks.

1. The memory is too small to download more software. It will run relatively slow after using for a period.

2. Cannot download software. E.g. Samsung Smart TV, they have their own unique system and cannot download third-party software.

3. It is not convenient to download third-party software. Need to combine with Downloader software, or use U disk to download.

Because of the above reasons, users will tend to buy Android TV Box. With TV Box, the original Smart TV becomes the role of the display. If users buy ATV system TV Box, when you connect the TV Box to your Smart TV, you will find that they all have the same interface. Only, because the Android TV Box is more powerful, you can have more content. Such as: larger memory, newer android version, high quality chipset, Bluetooth, WIFI function and so on. In such a case, you can realize surfing the internet, watching videos, playing games and so on without any hassle.

So, are you using an Android TV box now?

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