Recently, we did a survey to find out why customers want to buy a new remote control. There are three feedbacks. 1: The old remote control is completely unusable. 2: The original remote control is not working well. 3: The original remote control is very useful, but it is missing

In view of the above three points, we can see that the first and second points belong to rigid needs, and the third point belongs to accidents. Is there any remote control that can avoid this problem?

Yes, we have a new product with anti-loss function, confirm the following more advantages!

W1 Plus

  1. Anti-lost function
  2. 2.4G Wireless Connection with USB receiver
  3. Gyroscope, with original BOSCH BMI-120 6-Axis Gyro chipset
  4. Google Assistant Voice Control
  5. Mini QUERTY keyboard
  6. Built-in battery(rechargeable)
  7. Quickly open YouTube and Netflix
  8. Full buttons IR learning
  9. Super thin design, only 11mm
  10. Perfect for Android TV Box, TV Stick, Projector, HTPC, Tablet, Smart TV, PC, etc.
  11. Backlit (optional)

How to Use Anti-Lost Function on W1 Plus?

Simple, and easy.

As the USB receiver is on your Android TV Box, you just need to press the search button on the USB receiver, then your W1 Plus Air Mouse will have an alarm, then you will find it.

With this remote control, you never have to worry about losing your remote control anymore.

The above is the introduction of this product. Do you like this model?