Both ATV box and AOSP Android TV box are streaming devices. So what exactly is the difference between them and which one should I choose?

AOSP is an open-source operating system development project maintained by Google. Since it is an open-source project, this means that everyone is free to check and contribute code and fix the project. It gives you the freedom to make a fully customizable user interface, allowing the addition of custom launchers and applications so that you can create your own unique experience for your users.

However, the ATV boxes are not allowed the above features although they also have the Android Operating system. The ATV Box is Google certified which has Google assistant, 4K HDR, Google Play, Chromecast built-in, and Netflix has 4K features. The most common ATV Boxes are Amazon Fire TV Stick, Nvidia Shield Pro, Ematic 4K ATV Box, Mi Box, Google Chromecast box, etc.

Except for the basics many people already knew, what else differences?

Android Version

AOSP boxes are common on the market and are updated quickly. The latest version of Android is Android 11.0. For example: X88 Pro 20 Android Box, with Android 11.0 OS, RockChip 3566 chipset, 8K video decoding, dual WIFI, with Bluetooth TV Remote.
Instead, many ATV Boxes are Android 9.0.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Nowadays, there are many ATV box is sold with a BLE remote. While only a few AOSP Android TV Boxes have BLE remote.
For example: X88 PRO 20, X96 X6 TV Box, H96 Max RK3566, etc.


Many ATV Box only has 1G/8G or 2G/16G. If you need to download more space, it will not have enough space. However, the AOSP Android Boxes the smallest RAM&RAM will be 1G/8G and 2G/16G. Common Boxes are 4G/32G, 4G/64G, 4G/128G, 8G/64G, 8G/128G Android Boxes.


Many ATV boxes are using their own brand chipset(like the Nvidia Shield), or do not publicly state what chips are used, and then AOSP boxes usually use Allwinner, Rockchip, and Amlogic chipset.

Amlogic chipset includes Amlogic S905X3, S905X4, S905X, S905Y2, S905X2, S905W, etc.
RockChip includes RK3566, RK3318, RK3228A, RK3328, etc.
Allwinner includes Allwinner H616, H313, H6, H603, etc.

APP APK Download

Many Google-certified APPs, either ATV box or AOSP box, we can download from the Google Play store. However, how to download the uncertified third-party APK APPs if they are not available?
For an AOSP box, you can copy the APP APK file to the set-top box via USB disk, and then install it. Or open the Chrome website, enter the download link, then download and install.
But ATV boxes are different, some can use a USB driver to download the app, some can’t. For example, Amazon FireStick.

How to download the third-party apps on Amazon Fire TV Stick?

1. Search “Downloader” on the main page. it will come up like the left picture. Click download and install it.

2. Turn on the permission to download third-party Apps.
Settings -> My Fire TV -> Developer Options -> ADB Debugging -> Open -> Apps from Unknown Sources -> Open

3. After setting step 2, open the Download app, input the download link, click go. Then the App will start to download.


There are many different shapes and UI’s of the AOSP Android Boxes on the market today, including square, rectangular, square, round, shaped, with lights or not, etc.

For ATV boxes, the more popular ones are shown in the picture. and most ATV Boxes are small except for the Nvidia Shield.


Atv boxes are not rooted. AOSP boxes are partially rooted and partially not rooted.


Because the configuration of each TV Box is different, the price of the product is naturally different.

Here I listed some hot-selling AOSP boxes for your reference:

H96 MAX V11

Android 11.0, RockChip 3318, Dual WIFI, 4K Decoding, 100M ethernet, etc.


X96 X6 Android TV Box

Android 11.0, Rockchip 3566 chipset, Dual WIFI, 8K video decoding, 3D display, Large memory, Extra antenna, aluminum-alloy shell design, etc.

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