Best 4K Media Streaming Device? There are a million different answers to this topic. Each user’s focus and needs are completely different, and it’s hard to directly state that one product is the best 4K streaming device in the world.

Today we’re going to share a box whose sales are increasing every day and whose reviews are constantly positive. The box is called: iATV Q5 Plus TV Box and features the following:

Q5 PLUS S905W2 iATV TV Box
Q5 PLUS S905W2 iATV TV Box
Q5 PLUS S905W2 Android 11 iATV TV Box
Q5 PLUS S905W2 Android 11 iATV TV Box

A. Amlogic S905W2 chipset
B. Customized packaging for all customers except retail customers with very lower MOQ
C. iATV system, which is the same as the Google certified system
D. All built-in APPs are TV version
E. Bluetooth voice remote control. Bluetooth connection is required when connecting TV and box for the first time
F. Logo can be customized in packaging, TV Box and remote control except for retail customers. MOQ: 1 piece
G. Except for retail customers, we can change the name of the system, Boot Animation and pre-installed software according to customer’s requirements. MOQ: 1 piece
H. System comes with player

If you want to know more, please watch the following YouTube video directly.