Google Chromecast TV Box is a streaming device from Google, which has been certified by Google, the price, and the shape are very popular. But if my original remote control is broken, or I don’t like the original remote control, is there a flying mouse on the market that can replace it?

Yes, our company has a series of air mouse with three different functions for you to choose from.

The air mouse called BPR1, BPR1S, and BPR1S Plus Air Mouse, works on all the Android TV Box, Smart TV, or any device that have Bluetooth.

Functions are below:

BPR1 Bluetooth Remote Control: Support IR Learning, Bluetooth/BLE,

BPR1S BT Voice Air Mouse: Support IR Learning, BLE, Gyroscope, Voice

BPR1S Plus BT Air Mouse Remote : Support IR Learning, BLE, Gyroscope, Voice, 2.4G

About the Bluetooth connection and Voice remote control test on the BPR1 Series Bluetooth Remote Control, pls click the below video for more details.