Android TV box is a new type of streaming device that replaces the DVB box. As long as there is internet access, customers can turn their ordinary TVs into smart TVs and freely access streaming software such as Youtube, just like using a cell phone.

Currently, there are three main types of Android TV boxes on the market.

1. Google-certified Android box

Google Certified TV Box, also called ATV Box, which has a google number for the device. For the most famous brands, like Xiaomi, Mecool, Amazon, Hako Pro, they all support an quality TV Box with Google certified, even some of them got the Netflix certified.

Many ATV Boxes with limited memory, like 1G+8G, 2G+8G, 2G+16G, only few models support 4G+32G. Larger memory, higher price.

Google certified TV Box always with a Bluetooth voice remote control, which require you to connect BT for the first time.

mecool km9 pro tv box
HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box
iATV G7 mini S905W2 Android 11 4K TV Box

2. Not certified by Google, but the system is the same as Google certified

Google certification is very difficult to obtain, not only to assess your brand awareness, production, sales, etc.. Therefore, we can find that there are some boxes on the market that resemble Google Certified boxes, but are not certified. This type of box is called iATV box.

From the left (G7 mini) and right model (Q5 Black TV Box) we can see, they all have the exact same system like the ATV Box, also with a Bluetooth voice remote control. These iATV boxes will be cheaper than the ATV streaming boxes.

iATV Q5 Smart TV Box
H96 MAX V12 RK3318 Android 12 TV Box
X98H PRO Android 12 TV Box

3. AOSP TV box, this type of TV box is the most common and popular box.  The operating system may be from Android 7 to the latest android tv box version 12.0. With Amlogic, Rockchip, or Allwinner chipset.

Support Bluetooth, Dual WIFI, 100M or 1000M, USB, TF Card, etc. Different boxes with different features, prices, and designs, so just choose the box that fits your budget and needs.

How android tv box work?

Simple, connect your TV to the AV or HDMI, power it on, and turn it on, it will work.

Which android tv box is the best to buy?

From the top, we have listed three different modes of android tv boxes, you can choose one of them, and according to your budget find a suitable tv box. The above tv boxes support 4K live streaming only, but there are still many TV boxes that support 6K video decoding or 8K video decoding. If you want to get more information, pls leave messages below, and we will contact you soon.