Android TV Box is one of the popular streaming devices that connects to your TV and internet to watch various streaming software and surf the web, among other things. TV Boxes are used with a remote control. ATV and iATV system TV Boxes are usually paired with a Bluetooth voice remote control, AOSP system streaming device is mainly paired with an infrared remote control, and some AOSP boxes are paired with a 2.4G and Bluetooth remote control.

So how do you find the best replacement remote if you don’t like the original one?

1. First of all, you need to choose the remote control according to the function of the TV Box you are using at the moment. If your TV Box doesn’t have Bluetooth capability, you won’t be able to use a Bluetooth remote.

2. Secondly, confirm the function you want. The original remote control has limited functions, and there are many kinds of remote controls on the market with many functions, so you need to find your suitable remote control according to your functions. If you want a remote control with voice and gyroscope function, we recommend G10S Air Mouse, hot selling for many years, one of the high quality remotes. If you want to replace the original remote control and need to learn the buttons of the old remote control, you can use BPR1S Plus air mouse remote control. If you can to control Both Smart TV and tv box, you can choose the BPR2S, BPR2S Plus, or BPR3S, BPR3S Plus remote control, which support 4 extra buttons to control your smart TV and with all buttons infreared learning, bluetooth or 2.4G connection, voice control, and gyroscope functions.

3. Finally, when you buy a certain remote control to match your existing Android box, you can find out in the product details or by communicating with the seller, so as to judge whether the TV remote control can be used on your box.

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G10S 2.4G Voice Gyroscope Air Mouse
BPR1 Bluetooth 5.0 Air Mouse
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control