The helium miner antenna is to make their own mining signal to extend the range and strengthen the signal.

Currently, more and more members are using helium hotspots. In order to get higher Cryptocurrency rewards from helium mining, many people will go for antennas. How to choose the right helium mining antenna? Is this a best antenna for my miner?

Strictly speaking, there is no any best antenna at all. You need focus on if this antenna is good for your helium miner as each miner will need different antenna, also your location is different. Antenna A is perfect for Mark, but not ok for you as you have a different situation. However, you can check the following parts to find a suitable antenna for you.

1. Material

Currently, more on the market are fiberglass materials, this is especially suitable for outdoor because it has good electrical insulation, good wave transparency, and stronger signal. Moreover, fiberglass antenna has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance, UV resistance, and impact resistance, and can be applied in various harsh environments.

2. Direction

Directional antenna or omnidirectional antenna? If you have a mountain or sea behind you, it is impossible to set another miner. Then directional antenna is your best choice. Helium hotspot mining aim to extend the coverage of the network, the hotspots should be able to send and receive in all directions, so many people choose an omnidirectional antenna.

3. Gain (dBi)

Usually, the higher the gain of the antenna, the higher its directionality or focus. However, this directionality comes at a cost, it will not radiate or receive energy evenly from all directions. Use a directional antenna if you want to focus reception or transmission activity in a specific direction at the expense of uniformity in each direction.

4. Frequency

There are antennas that are suitable for only some countries, and there are wide frequencies that are suitable for most countries.
If you buy the wrong antenna, then it will not work at all.
For example
USA/Canada: 915MHz
Europe: 868MHz
Australia/New Zealand: 915MHz
As long as the antenna is in this frequency band, it can be used.

5. Installation Location

If you live in the suburbs and there are other houses around, you can choose 8 dBi helium antenna. Install it in your attic or install it on the roof. If you live in an apartment building, then you can use 5.8dbi fiberglass antenna kit. 10 dBi antenna or 12 dBi antenna for very large space environments with full line-of-sight and no obstructions visible in all directions.

6. Accessories

Pay attention to whether the miner antenna connector fits your helium miner, otherwise, you may have in selling the corresponding accessories or not use them at all.

These are the points to note about choosing an antenna for more helium miner profits. If you have something to add, or do not understand, please contact me by email ( or WhatsApp me.

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