Android TV boxes and Android TV sticks are among the better-known streaming devices. Connecting to your TV and connecting to the internet allows you to both surf the web and watch streaming content. A good streaming device can also play games.

iATV Smart TV Stick Q3 with USB
X96 Linux 5.15 Smart TV Box
HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box
BOXPUT BP4 S905X4 8K Android 11 TV Box

At present, the streaming devices on the market can be divided into Android streaming devices and non-Android streaming devices, which is Linux streaming devices, like the X96 Linux 5.15 TV Box or αTV Plus Linux 4K TV Box. Both Android streaming devices and Linux boxes have the same function and can be used as long as they are connected to the internet with your TV.

Android set-top boxes and Android TV stick are the same, in the function of the top Android set-top box will be more complete, but also more suitable for home. There are three versions of Android TV Box/TV Stick, they are ATV&Google Certified, iATV system, and AOSP systems. Both ATV and iATV system TV Box android are with a Bluetooth voice remote control, like the iATV Q3 TV Stick, and ATV HAKO PRO TV Box. The only difference is ATV is the google certified with Google number, while iATV have the same interface and page, but did not get the Google certification.

The more common boxes are still AOSP boxes like the Boxput BP4 with an open source system. Choose an suitable TV Box, you can check fromt the following parts.

1. Android system or Linux system streaming device
2. ATV System, iATV system, or AOSP system
3. Android operating version, from Android 7 to the latest Android 12.0
4. Chipset: Amlogic, Rockchp, Allwinner, or other chipset boxes
5. Memory: from 1G+8G to 4G+128G. If you want a larger memory for more apps, choose one large memory
6. With a Bluetooth remote, 2.4G remote, or infrared remote
7. Support Bluetooth function or not
8. Support Dual WIFI or Single WIFI
9. Support 100M or 1000M ethernet cable
10. Many TV Boxes support 4K live streaming, also some TV Boxes support 6K video or 8K video decoding
Dual-core or 4-core Android box or TV Stick

If you still don’t know about these, we recommend you to buy a product that is produced in the current year, matches your budget and has a good rating. Moreover, if you are a distributor, we support different Android TV Box OEM/ODM service, like change the color package, design a new tv box/tv stick, change the UI, change the bootup, pre install app, etc. We good at that, and for some Android box or TV Stick, we offer customization service start only 1 piece.