Streaming device seems to be one of the must-have consumer electronics in every home. With this device, connected to the TV and the internet, you can browse the information inside the device at will. Currently, some of the more well-known streaming devices are Android set-top boxes, TV Sticks, Mag Boxes, Apple TV, and many more.

Regarding Android set-top boxes and TV sticks, there are four main categories.

1. Google Certified/ATV TV boxes or TV Sticks, most of which are paired with a Bluetooth remote control with voice command.

2. iATV system set-top boxes or TV sticks. iATV system is similar to Google Certified, but not certified, and most of them come with a Bluetooth remote control with voice command.

2. AOSP system set-top box or 4K Android tv stick, most of them are equipped with infrared remote control with voice, and some of high configuration tv boxes or tv sticks are equipped with 2.4G remote control or Bluetooth voice remote control.

3. Linux system TV box, most of them are equipped with IR remote control.

Today we would like to share a streaming device is iATV system TV Stick, called Black TV Stick.

iATV Q3 Black TV Stick has the following advantages:

Chipset: Allwinner H313
Android version: Android 10.0 iATV OS
Bluetooth: Bluetooth 4.x with Bluetooth Voice Remote Control
WIFI: 2.4G/5G Dual WIFI or 100M Ethernet
RAM & ROM: 2G/16G
Media player is available
Support USB devices
Support customize LOGO or package (for wholesale only)
Support changing system name, boot animation, pre install apk on the system. (for wholesale only)

iATV Smart TV Stick Q3 with USB
iATV Smart TV Stick Q3 with USB

You can also click the following YouTube link to learn more about this tv stick.