When it comes to TV Box, most users think of it as a streaming device to watch live streams and other streaming software. Well, are there also some TV Boxes that have more features such as gaming?

For some simple games, many TV Boxes are available, but for complex games, we suggest customers to buy professional game box or game TV box.

An Android game tv box means that the user can use the box to watch streaming content and also use the game tv box android to play games at the same time. The TV game box we are going to share today is called: M8 Pro Mini Game TV Box and the main features are as follows:

1. Android 12.1 dual system, one system is used as a normal TV box, the other system is used as a game box.
2. As a TV box, it has 2G+16G memory, supports single WIFI, 100M network or use the Internet cable.
3. As a game box, there are up to 10000+ games in 64G TF card, users can also add their own desired games
4. CPU: AllWinner H313 Quad Core ARM Cortex-A53+ GPU: G31 OPenGL3.2
5. HDMI-compatible: 4K * 2K ultra high definition output
7. With IR remote for TV version and 2pcs2.4G wireless game controller for gaming

We also have another similar dual system game tv products, called Game TV Stick X8, which have one system for TV, another system for gaming. If you want to know more about this M8 Pro Mini Game TV Box or the TV game stick, please contact me directly.