Remote is one of the essential accessories for Android TV boxes. Generally, AOSP TV boxes are paired with infrared remotes, and iATV and Google certified boxes are paired with Bluetooth voice remotes. How to find a replacement remote if the original one doesn’t work well or doesn’t work?

The remote control we are going to share today is universal for AOSP, iATV and Google certified set-top boxes, called BPR3S Plus Air Mouse Remote Control.

BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control

BPR3S Plus Remote features are as below:

1. 2.4G connection(with USB Receiver) + Bluetooth connection

2. 6-axis gyroscope

3. BPR3S Plus is an air mouse with voice control, which support full device voice control function(AOSP+iATV+ATV Google TV Box)

4. Support full key IR learning

5. There are 4 keys (power key, signal source key, volume up and down key) IR isolation function, and these 4 keys default Samsung code value, other TVs need IR learning, and then it will work.

6. Support numeric key buttons, the user can quickly enter the number

7. Support OTA, fixed some bugs online

8. Universal remote, which support USB host and Bluetooth connection

8. For more features of the BPR3S Plus air mouse, pls watch the YouTube video

After you watched the above info, you will find this to be a versatile and easy to use remote control. If you are going to buy voice remote control, why don’t try this model?