Recently, we have received a lot of inquiries from customers about Universal Remote Control. So, is it true that there is one remote control for all devices?

Otherwise, most of the so-called universal remotes are more functional and match relatively more devices, and require infrared learning before they can be realized for use on top of multiple devices.

Today we want to share a universal remote control is: BPR3S Plus remote control air mouse.
1. Support full key infrared learning
2. Support infrared connection, 2.4G connection, Bluetooth connection.
3. 6-axis gyroscope
4. Voice function, can be used on ATV and AOSP equipment.
5. Support OTA
6. Four key infrared isolation, you can control the TV at the same time in the mode of bluetooth and 2.4G connection, these four keys are power key, signal source key, volume up and down key. default can control the TV is samsung tv, other tvs need to learn.
7. Can be used in TV, set-top box, TV stick 4K, projector, computer, cell phone and other common devices.
8. Wholesale customers can customize the product function, product design, product packaging with very low quantity.

BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control