TV boxes and TV sticks are among the better known media streaming device for tv. As long as you have a stable network at home, connecting your TV with this device will allow you to surf and browse streaming apps like youtube on your TV.

Both TV boxes and TV sticks do the same thing, and compared to TV boxes, TV sticks are more limited in their capabilities. So, customers can just choose the corresponding product according to their needs.

Today we are going to introduce this TV box and streaming TV stick have been selling well for a long time and received feedback from customers that they do not like the color box, so we updated the new box, the configuration is still maintained the same.

Please refer to the content below for the advantages of the two boxes.

iATV Stick Q3 2+16G Android 10 Allwinner

iATV Stick Q3/Black TV Stick

1. iATV system + android 10.0
2. 2G+16G version
3. Allwinner H313
4. 2.4G/5G Dual WIFI
5. USB host for USB devices
6. Bluetooth remote with Voice control function
7. Bluetooth 5.0
8. Support 4K live streaming
9. Built-in MyTV, Disney, Netflix, etc

iATV Q5/Black TV Box

1. iATV system + android 10.0
2. 2G+8G version
3. Allwinner H316
4. 2.4G/5G Dual WIFI or 100M Ethernet
5. 2x USB host for USB devices
6. Built-in MyTV, Disney, Netflix, etc
7. With Bluetooth 5.2 voice remote
Support 4K live streaming
9. Support AV or HDMI connect to your TV

iATV Q5 Android TV Box
Black TV Box Black TV Stick Boot Up customize


Moreover, we support customization services with a very low MOQ requirement.

1. Logo on the package – MOQ: 1 piece
2. Logo on TV box/TV stick – MOQ: 1 piece
3. Logo on TV remote control – MOQ: 1 piece
4. Change the package with its own brand & design – MOQ: 100-1000 pieces
5. App comes in the device from the factory – MOQ: 1 pieces (open panel)
6. Boot up own logo/video – MOQ: 1 pieces

If you want to know more about the Black TV Box or Black TV Stick, or other similar Android TV Boxes, please leave me a message below and I will reply within 24 hours. Thank you!