An air mouse remote control for TV, TV box, or TV stick typically offers additional features beyond the basic functions of a regular remote control. Here are some common features found on air mouse remote controls:

1. Air Mouse Functionality: The key feature of an air mouse remote control is the ability to control the cursor on the screen by moving the remote control in the air, similar to a computer mouse. This allows for easier navigation and selection of on-screen content.

2. Keyboard Input: Many air mouse remotes have a built-in keyboard or a touchpad that allows for easy text input, making it convenient to search for content or enter login credentials.

3. Voice Control: Some air mouse remote controls support voice input, allowing you to search for content or control certain functions using vocal commands.

4. Gyroscope and Accelerometer: Air mouse remotes often include built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers that enable motion sensing capabilities, which help control the cursor movements and fine-tune the navigation experience.

5. Programmable Buttons: Remote controls with programmable buttons allow you to customize and assign specific functions or shortcuts to those buttons for quick access to frequently used features or apps.

6. IR Learning: Some air mouse remotes can learn and replicate the functions of your TV or other devices by capturing and storing the IR signals from your existing remote controls.

7. Backlit Keys: Backlit keys or an illuminated remote control body can improve visibility in low-light conditions, making it easier to use the remote control in the dark.

8. Wireless Connectivity: Air mouse remote controls typically connect to the TV, TV box, or TV stick via wireless technology such as Bluetooth, 2.4G or RF (radio frequency), eliminating the need for direct line-of-sight communication.

These features enhance the functionality and convenience of using an air mouse remote control, making it easier to navigate and interact with the TV, TV box, or TV stick. The specific features and design may vary among different brands and models of air mouse remote controls.

Here I would like to share one of the hot selling remote control, called BPR2S Plus.

BPR2S Plus Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

BPR2S Plus Bluetooth Voice Remote Control

1. 2.4G connection + Bluetooth connection

2. 6-axis gyroscope

3. Support full device voice control function

4. Support full key IR learning

5. There are 4 keys (power key, signal source key, volume up and down key) IR isolation function, allows users can use this remote control on the tv box and tv at the same time.

6. support OTA