Air mouse remote is the compact device for Android TV Box and Smart TV.
The existing remote control mainly contains the following features.

  1. IR learning: Press and hold the Power button, it will enter the IR learning mode.
  2. Bluetooth: As long as your Android box supports Bluetooth, then you can connect through Bluetooth, which is the fastest way to connect.
  3. 2.4GHz: the wireless transmission technology, the operation range can be from 10 meters to 15 meters. Most of them are with USB receiver.
  4. Gyroscopic sensor: with this function, you can quickly move the screen cursor to where you want it, like a computer mouse. This feature is not available on some original remote control of the Android box. In that case, you can buy a new 2.4GHz wireless air mouse.
  5. Touch keyboard or Keyboard: with the keyboard, you can input the info via air mouse directly. One of the famous remotes is called MX3 Air Mouse.
  6. Voice: Support Google voice search and Google voice assistant. For example: open Google play store. The TV will open it once on command. Hot selling: G10S Air Mouse
  7. Backlight: LED backlit will be useful at night. Many air mouse remotes have this function, and one of the air mouse remotes has a colorful backlight, check Here.
  8. Compatible with TV Box, Smart TV(Samsung/LG Smart TV), PC, Project, Android TV, and other Streaming Media Player

Many of our customers are looking for the air mouse remote for Android TV Box. Therefore, here I list three of our hot selling Air mouse remotes for your reference.
BPR1: Support IR Learning, Bluetooth/BLE,
BPR1S: Support IR Learning, BLE, Gyroscope, Voice
BPR1S Plus: Support IR Learning, BLE, Gyroscope, Voice, 2.4G
Different functions, the price is not the same. You can buy the air mouse you want according to your requirement.

In general, as long as your TV box supports Bluetooth, we recommend the Bluetooth air mouse remote. Because It’s state-of-the-art, and it’s convenient.

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