Generally speaking, with the gyroscope function we call it an air mouse remote control because y with gyroscope can move the cursor as fast as a mouse. In addition, compared to the traditional infrared remote control, the air mouse will be more functional, as well as connecting the device to be used will be faster. Currently, the 2.4G and Bluetooth connected air mouse s are the better selling types.
Today, we would like to share two remote controls here and compare them to see which one is one you prefer.

G20S PRO BT Voice Air Mouse Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control

G20S Pro BT air mouse: Connected by 2.4G or Bluetooth, support voice control, gyroscope, and backlit functions.

BPR3S air mouse: Connected by Bluetooth, support all buttons IR learning, gyroscope, voice, and 4 extra buttons to control your smart TV under an Bluetooth mode.

Compare these two remotes, we will find that BPR3S seems more good for users who want to buy a BT voice remote on the Android TV Box, and the same time, they can use the same remote to control the smart tv. So which air mouse remote you prefer?