As soon as the helium mining is plugged in, connect to the internet, and powered on, it can produce cryptocurrency in a constant 24 hours. Then, the helium miner is the indispensable tool. When you buy a helium hotspot mining, you need to press the computing board and shake the machine hard to hear if there is a heatsink scattering or observe through the rear fan of the helium mining if there is a heatsink falling off to confirm if it is an intact mining machine.

In addition, you also need to pay attention to the following parts.

1. Electrostatic Protection: Helium explorer control board and fan interface is directly connected to the BB board IC pins, without releasing their own static electricity carried by touching these interfaces easy electrostatic breakdown BB board control IC, resulting in the mining helium HNT can not work, can only be returned to the factory for repair. And, please be sure to discharge static electricity or wear anti-static equipment during installation or maintenance of the helium mining setup.

2. Prohibit Work with Electricity: In the installation or maintenance, please first install the helium mining power off, and then maintenance, otherwise it will cause damage to the computing board or control board, can only be returned to the factory for repair.

3. Steps of Power on: Power on the computing board first, then power on the control board, such as a power supply with a helium miner, the computing board and control board connected to the line, you can directly power on.

4. 6 Pin Line Interface Direction: Helium Hotspot mining wiring must pay attention to the direction of the 6 pin line, the operator board connected to the reverse will cause power protection (poor quality of power supply may burn the power supply or operator board). And the control board connected to the reverse will be directly burned. In serious cases, only a new control board can be replaced.

helium miner power supply

5. The Use of Helium Miner Power Supply: one or more mining power supply can be used to carry one mining hotspot miner, but you cannot use multiple miner power supplies to carry multiple mining at the same time. Only one power supply can be used for one computing board, not multiple miner power supplies with one computing board.

6. Dustproof: When the air duct of the heat sink in front of the helium miner is blocked, it will affect the working condition of the miner, and the miner will easily be protected by high temperature and stop working. So don’t let too much dust accumulate on the heatsink in the front fan position of the miner.

7. Moisture: If the mining machine is stored in a location where a water curtain is used, when the amount of dust buildup is large, the water vapor caused by the water curtain will cling to the dust buildup and corrode the computing board, causing partial disconnection, and in serious cases, the computing board can only be scrapped.

8. Disconnection: When the network failure can be eliminated within half an hour, the hotspot mining does not need to power off and shut down. When the network failure can not be dealt with in a short time, please promptly disconnect the helium mining, especially when the network connection is unstable, the helium miner frequently connects to the mining pool, which can easily cause a crash or other failures. The power consumption of the miner does not drop when the network is disconnected.

9. Router Load: The ordinary home router plus switch can take about 200 pcs miner, more miner will cause that you can not connect to the network.

10. Broadband Load: 1M broadband can take 150 helium mining, and then increase the number of helium HNT mining will need to upgrade the broadband.

11. Celluar Data Use: Each month the celluar used about 500M, in the use of celluar mining, please calculate the number of helium mining and the total celluar required, and must be rich out part of the celluar.

12. Low Temperature Environment: When the envornment temperature is too low, the helium miner may not meet the arithmetic power.

13. Power Consumption: When the actual output of the power supply does not meet the needs of the miner, the arithmetic power will not be raised.

14. Grounding Wire: If you don not grounded wire, it may power supply or mining machine leakage, and it is easy to damage the power supply and helium mining.

15. Lightning Strikes: Please be sure to do a good job of lightning protection measures, otherwise all equipment may be damaged by lightning strikes.

16. High temperature: The helium mining machine for a long time in a high-temperature state of work, which is easier to damage. Keeping the helium miner below 115 degrees is to extend for a longer time, the IC stopped working temperature is 125 degrees.

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