TV remote control is a device used to control machinery from a distance. It can perform functions such as changing the channel of the TV. The modern remote control is mainly composed of an integrated circuit board and buttons used to generate different messages.

There are all kinds of TV remote controls on the market, including infrared(IR Learning), 2.4G, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, backlit, voice, and other functions. They are also called Air mouse.

Here, we mainly talk about two common infrared remote controls, which can be universally used.


Fit for all the X96 Android TV Boxes, including X96 X4, X96 Mini Box, X96 X6 Android Box, X96 Mini 5G TV Box, X96 Mini+ Box, X96 Mate Android Box, etc.
Do not have to IR Learning for the X96 Seris boxes
A perfect option when your old remote is missing or broken



Universal application. It is always used for some TV(like Samsung Smart TV) or DVB Boxes(as some original remotes only support infrared).
Full keys to Infrared learning. As we know, they are many called universal IR learning TV remotes, which only can IR learning for some keys, not all keys.
Easily to IR Learning
Must Infrared learning with the old IR remote control. This is not good for some clients who have already broken the old remote.

Although both remotes are universal, they do have some limitations.
If your Android box is an X96 series, then you can choose an X96 universal remote as a backup remote.
If your device is a TV, you can buy an extra BPIR remote as a backup.
If your set-top box has Bluetooth capability, an air mouse with Bluetooth capability is also good. For example BPR1S Plus.

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