Wireless air mouse remote control with keyboard always is hot selling replacement for TV, TV Box, Tablet, TV Stick, Projector, and other devices. Some of them can be called universal TV remote controls based on some functions.

TV air mouse normally will have Gyroscope, Voice control, Backlit, Built-in battery, Mini Keyboard, Infrared learning, and anti-lost functions. Using a wireless tv remote control with a gyroscope, you can easily move the cursor like a computer mouse, that is why we called an air mouse.

Nowadays wireless tv remote control has 3 connections.

1. Infrared/IR connect

2. 2.4G wireless connection with USB receiver

3. Bluetooth connect-Bluetooth remote control is the latest one, and fast & convenient.

How Does a TV Remote Work?

1. For Bluetooth air mouse, if you are using on an Android TV Box, you just need to open the setting of your TV Box, find the Bluetooth, pairing with your air mouse, and then you can use it at any time.

2. For IR remote control, you need to infrared learning of the buttons from the old remote control, and you can use it now.

3. For the 2.4G wireless remote control, you need to insert the USB receiver into the devices you are going to use, and after a while, you will find you can use the remote now.

From the above three connections, we can find the easiest way for using the remote control will be the 2.4G or Bluetooth tv remote.

Here I would like to share some info about the latest air mouse with mini keyboard, called D8 and D8 Plus remote control.

D8 BLE Air Mouse with Keyboard Backlit Built-in Battery Wireless Remote Control
D8 Plus BLE Air Mouse with Keyboard 2.4G Wireless Backlit Built-in Battery

D8 & D8 Plus Air Mouse Features

1. D8 air mouse connected by 2.4G(with USB receiver) only, while D8 Plus support both 2.4G and Bluetooth connection.

2. Support backlit. Press Fn+Alt to change the bakligt brightness; Press Fn+White to chagne to white backlights; Press Fn+Ctrl(RGB) to change a colorful backlits.

3. Super cool large mirror panel, with hidden indicator on the side.

4. Large touchpad. Single click for left mouse, single slip for moving mouse, two fingers click for right mouse, and two fingers slip for screen scroll.

5. For D8 Plus, Press Fn+ Ctrl(2.4G) to enter a 2.4G mode.

6. 10 degree tilt design keyboard, plus horizontal touchpad for a more comfortable grip.

7. Press Fn+ DPI to adjust three level of cursor speed, keyboard white backlight flashes according to speed level while change cursor speed.

8. Universal tv remote control for smart TV, TV Box, TV Stick, tablet, projector, etc.

For more info of the backlit tv remote control, pls leave me messages below, I will contact you in 24 hours. And if you have no idea about the remote control for TV or TV Box, I will recommend one TV remote control Bluetooth for your reference. You also can search some model of air mouse review or the keywords like “air mouse remote for Android TV Box” “best universal tv remote control” on Google or on B2C platform, you will know faster which one you should choose.