TV Box is one of the hot products for home consumer electronics. Customers can watch all kinds of streaming programs at home at any time as long as there is a stable network.

Today, we would like to share two TV Boxes with similar model names and a question that a lot of customers often ask, which is the difference between H96 Max V58 and H96 Max V56 TV Box.

H96 MAX V58 RK3588 Android 12 TV Box
H96 MAX V56 Rockchip RK3566 Android 12 TV Box BT4.0 Dual WIFI 1000M 8K Streaming Box

1. Chipset

H96 MAX V56 TV Box is the RockChip RK3566 chipset, while H96 MAX V58 TV Box is the RockChip RK3588 chipset. The RK3588 chipset is the latest chipset from Rockchip and runs faster.

2. WiFi

H96 MAX V58 TV Box supports 2.4G/5G Wifi+Wifi6, and is equipped with a signal booster, which makes the signal of this box very strong. Whether it is download speed or security, it is better than other TV boxes. H96 MAX V56 only supports 2.4G/ 5G WiFi.

3. Remote Control

H96 MAX V56 TV Box is equipped with an infrared remote control, while H96 MAX V58 TV Box is equipped with a 2.4G wireless remote control, which is more convenient to control and has more functions, such as voice control, gyroscope, backlit, number keys, etc.

4. 8K resolution and output

Both H96 MAX V56 and H96 MAX V58 support 8K video decoding, but H96 MAX V58 TV Box also supports 8K resolution and can decode 8K video and output it to the TV. Previously, The Android TV boxes that supported 8K could only do video decoding but cannot output due to HDMI limitations. But the H96 Max V58 TV box solves this problem. At present, only 2 boxes support 8K resolution, one is H96 Max V58, another will be X96 X10 TV Box.

5. Bluetooth

H96 MAX V58 TV Box supports BT5.0, while the H96 MAX V56 TV Box supports BT4.0 only. The effective working distance of BT5.0 is 300 meters, which can reach three times the maximum working distance of BT4.0. The transmission speed of BT5.0 is the same as BT4.0, but the power consumption is doubled.

There are also some small differences, you can click the product’s picture to get more info. So, which TV Box you prefer?