The remote control is a tool for all people who have an Android TV Box, PC, Smart TV, etc. Nowadays, they are mainly three different remote controls, we also can say three different connections. What’s the difference?

Infrared Remote Control

Infrared controls other devices such as TVs or set-top boxes through non-visible light such as infrared light. By turning infrared light into a digital signal that can be recognized by the device, the remote control can remotely control electrical devices from a long distance. However, due to the limitation of infrared light itself, infrared remote control can’t pass through the obstacle or remote control the device at a large angle.
Many original TVs, Android TV Boxes, and DVB boxes will have an IR remote control, which is a low-cost remote control, but highly stable and require no additional setup. When you need a backup remote control for your box, you can buy another remote control that has infrared functions. After IR learns all the keys, then you can use the new remote control.
Note: Some IR remote called have full key learning functions, but actually does not have, so you have to check clearly before purchasing.

2.4G Remote Control with USB Receiver

Wireless 2.4G remote control is a more common kind of remote control. This remote control signal transmission method successfully solved the disadvantages of infrared remote control, you can use the remote control to operate the equipment in any position in the house and at any angle without worrying about the equipment can not receive the signal problem.

Bluetooth Remote Control

Bluetooth remote control is to achieve a completely independent signal transmission channel through Bluetooth transmission, thus avoiding the interference between the wireless signals of different devices. And because the Bluetooth signal transmission is well encrypted, we don’t have to worry about the transmitted signal being obtained by others. As a supplement to 2.4GHz technology, Bluetooth remote control is the latest and the best trend of development.

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To learn more about the connections, you can directly watch the following YouTube video.

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