On today’s post, we are going to share another wireless air mouse remote cotnrol with mini keyboard. This 2.4ghz remote control called MT10 TV air mouse, also have an upgrading version with built-in battery.

MT10 2.4G Air Mouse with Mini Keyboard Backlight
MT10 LI 2.4G Air Mouse with Mini Keyboard Backlight Built-in Battery

MT10 Wireless TV Remote Control Features:

1. Connected by 2.4G with USB receiver

2. Color backlit, easily use in dark environment

3. Wireless air mouse remote control with keyboard, easily input the numbers or letters

4. Touchpad, a single finger click represents the left mouse button, two finger swipe up and down means turn the page, three-finger click at the same time represents the right mouse button

5. Two options: with battery or without battery

6. Great air mouse remote for android tv box, smart TV, tablet, projector, etc.

7. Eight shortcuts with one click, like players, mailbox, quiet, search, computer, browser, left mouse button, and right mouse button

How Does Tv Remote Control Work?

If you buy the version of the air mouse with buttery, you just need to search your USB receiver on the TV Box/or other devices, wait for a while, and you can try to click the keys of the air mouse. If works, then you can use it now.

The above is the info on the MT10 air mouse review, do you get it now?

If you are looking for an air mouse remote for TV, pls make sure you can use the USB receiver on your TV. If the TV does not have a USB port, the 2.4G wireless remote control will not work on your devices, you can try the BLE air mouse for smart TV if your TV has Bluetooth function. For more detailed info on the remote control, you also can leave me messages as below, I will reply to you within 24 hours.