When you Google TV Box on the local website, you can find hundreds of different styles of TV Boxes, some of which are called ATV boxes, some are called AOSP boxes, and some are called IATV TV boxes. What is the difference between them?

1 Google Certification

ATV Android TV boxes have Google Certification(some of them also have Netflix certification), while AOSP and iATV Android TV boxes do not have any certifications.

2 Interface

The interface of ATV and iATV Android TV boxes is similar, it’s the regular ATV interface. However, AOSP Android TV boxes have many different interfaces, most of which are different from each other.

3 Remote Control

ATV system and iATV system Android TV box remote control is generally a Bluetooth wireless remote control, AOSP system Android TV box remote control is mostly infrared remote control(some of them with a 2.4G wireless remote), compared with the Bluetooth remote control is more convenient to control. At the same time, it have more functions, such as voice control, gyroscope, etc., The infrared remote control can only be the most basic remote control.

4 APP Download

ATV system Android TV box can only download the APP in Google Play Store, other third-party APP can’t be downloaded casually, you need to authorize the third-party software “Download” to download them. AOSP and iATV system Android TV box can directly download third-party APP through the google chrome.


ATV and iATV system Android TV boxes don’t have ROOT, most AOSP system Android TV boxes have ROOT.

6 Price

ATV system Android TV box needs to be certified, in the same function parameters, such as the same chipset, Android version and memory, etc. ATV system Android TV box will be more expensive than AOSP system and iATV system Android TV box.

Mecool KM2 PLUS ATV Box Amlogic S905Y4 Dual WIFI Android 11 with BT Remote Control
Q5 PLUS S905W2 iATV TV Box
X88 PRO 13 RK3528 Android 13.0 TV Box

Here I listed three different tv boxes for your reference. Mecool KM2 Plus with the google/netflix certification, voice bluetooth remote control, it is an ATV TV Box. Q5 Plus with iATV system, we can find the interface is similar to the ATV box, but not get a certification. The X88 Pro 13 is a typical AOSP TV Box with a special interface, and infrared remote control. So, which tv box you prefer?