An antenna is a redistribution of the available radio frequency (RF) signal into a preferred direction. The increase in a signal using the antenna is called gain and is measured in dBi. dBi measurements are based on an anisotropic radiator at radio frequencies (an idealized model that has the same value when measured in different directions).

Some people believe that a higher gain antenna will give them the strongest signal and the highest quality connection. Is this true?

Actually, it is true in some situations, but in some applications, too much gain can be a bad thing. The truth is that whether you need a higher or lower gain antenna is still tied to where you are going to install it.

5.8dBi 8dbi 868/915MHZ Fiberglass Antenna

If you want to concentrate all the signal and direct it to a distant target, then a high gain antenna is definitely the best choice. High gain antennas need to be pointed in a preferred direction to send RF signals so that the limited signal can be reinforced at the desired location.

However, if you want to broadcast evenly to the entire room (or have omnidirectional people get your wireless signal), you don’t want too much gain (or it’s pointing). Remember, “gain” is simply stealing radiated energy from some directions to strengthen others. The higher the dBi number of the helium hotspot antenna, the higher the gain, but the less wide-area pattern, meaning the signal strength will be further away, but in a narrower direction.

In addition to this, it is important to note that a higher dBi is not always better. If you are surrounded by tall buildings, choose a lower dBi helium miner antenna, and if you have a clear view with no obstructions, choose a higher dBi antenna. And, mount the fiberglass antenna in the highest position, preferably on the roof or in the attic.

Pay attention to the above two points, and have the professional equipment, want to get more helium miner profits is no problem at all.

So, how much dbi antenna are you using?

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