Welcome TVPAO.com | BOXPUT, if you’re reading this post then there is no doubt that you want to make money online. Reading this post will give you comprehensive information and useful tips on what is dropshipping business and how to start it.

Dropshipping is a very trendy business model for those who in need of a permanent business so that they could earn good money consistently.

Dropshipping is an order fulfilling business model in which you sell products without having them in your store.

We directly sends the package to the customer from their warehouse after you make the sale. In the whole process, you don’t have to worry ever about storing, packaging, and shipping of the product.

How does drop shipping work with us?

Step 1: Become our member or reseller.

Q: How can I become BOXPUT member or reseller?
A: Pay deposit USD800 or more per time, you can get your Member ID and balance. There is no extra condition.

Q: What’s my balance when I pay USD800 deposit?
A: USD800. Your balance is same to you paid. No extra fee.

Q: What’s benefits of Members?
A: Enjoy very low distributor prices, allowing you to have higher margins.

Step2: You can sell all the products of ours on your local place or online shop.

Q: How do I do?
A: Upload products to your store or send product pictures and videos to your local customers.

Step3: Make order to us if you receive an order.

Q: Do I need to stock up or pay again?
A: No, if your get money from your customer, you can make order from us. We will deduct the product charges and shipping charges from your balance and send you the latest balance, and then we can pack and ship.

Q: The product should be sent to me or to the customer?
A: All can be. We will only send it according to the address you provide. We will confirm the delivery address with you before each shipment.

Q: How can I get in touch with you faster?
A: WhatsApp is the fastest, or you can send email or use Telegram/WeChat/Skype.

Q: What’s the delivery method and delivery time?
A: We will deliver the goods according to your requirements. Normally, our delivery time is 3-10 days.

Step4: Recharge for recycling.

Q: How much do I pay after my balance used up?
A: You can pay deposit USD800 or more again.

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