When it comes to the DVB box, everyone is familiar with it! Currently, Digital Video Broadcasting (DVB) has three transmission methods:

One is digital satellite TV broadcasting (DVB-S satellite system) which uses satellite channels to broadcast directly.
The second is terrestrial digital terrestrial television (DVB-T terrestrial transmission mode).
The third is digital cable TV (DVB-C cable transmission mode) using cable TV network broadcasting.

DVB T2 S2 Combo Box means that the device has T2 and S2 capabilities, so both can be used normally. Here I would like to recommend one of the hotselling DVB T2 S2 combo QBOX for your reference.

DVB S2 T2 Combo QBOX


1. Support EPG, Timeshift, PVR, MP4 Play, etc.
2. 4K Full HD 1080P
3. H.264, MPEG-4
4. Built-in YouTube, MeeCast, Meetube, etc
5. Support using WIFI Dongle, USB devices
6. Package includes T2S2 Combo QBOX, Remote control, AV cable, user manual, and color box.

For more detailed info or questions about this DVB Combo receiver, pls contact me directly.