A TV box, also known as a set-top box or streaming box, is a device that connects to and enhances your TV set, turning it into a smart TV or multimedia center. TV boxes come in different forms and operating systems, such as Android TV boxes, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon or other brand TV Sticks, etc. These devices connect to the TV via HDMI and usually require an Internet connection via Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

The primary use of a TV box is to provide access to various streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, and more. This allows you to play movies, TV shows, and other digital content directly on your TV screen. Additionally, TV boxes often have a built-in app store or support for app installation, enabling you to download and use a variety of apps, games, and utilities on your TV.

There are many TV boxes on the market, corresponding to different customization requirements. The requirements for simple customization solutions or complex customization solutions are even more different.

Today we will share TV boxes and TV sticks that can be customized with low MOQ.

iATV Stick Q3 2+16G Android 10 Allwinner
iATV Box Q5 2+8G Android 10 Allwinner
Q5 PLUS S905W2 Android 11 iATV TV Box

There are three items that we support customization with MOQ only one piece.

There are iATV Stick Q3, iATV Box Q5, and iATV Q5 Plus TV Box.

1 LOGO Customize

Based on MOQ 1 piece, we can give users the ability to print logos on products, packaging and remote controls. This way users can spend less money to promote their brand and products in a short period of time. Client only needs to provide the PSD or png file of the logo, so we can realize this customization.

2 Boot Logo & Animation

Some users need the TV box and TV stick to appear their unique customized boot image and animation when they turn on the TV box and TV stick, we can also customize it, MOQ: 1 piece. Users also just need to send us the corresponding files.

3 Pre-install App + Set Favorite + Recommend

Certain customers have their own Apps, so we can pre-install that software to the TV box and TV Stick for the customer through the DIY customization tool. After the pre-installation is successful, the customer will still see the App even after restoring the factory settings. At the same time, we can also set the customer’s favorite app and recommended software, so that the user will be more convenient to use the device.

4 Pre-Launch App Customize

To make it easier for users to use customized Apps. We can also launch the user’s apps directly when booting up that TV box and TV stick. Then, it saves more time for users to use it.

For more details of the customization, pls watch the below YouTube video.