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Well, in last post, I introduced POPTV, told you guys that POPTV gets multi- devices available, but it is only for android box, so I got customers asking that if they have a mag box or something else, what they can do, and here is the update!

Different from POPTV, SUBTV gets more channels, especially European ones, and it supports most of the devices, such as Android boxes, Mag box, Smart TV and etc.

As I said, SubTV is allowed on Android boxes. So there is no doubt that you can use it on your mobile Android Smartphones. And the way to activate the trial or the subscription has been really easy for you guys, download the application here, run the application and then input the activation code, that is it, your streaming services will begin.

So what are you waiting for, leave me messages for the free trial or contact me for the details of subscriptions!


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