The Black TV box is one of the hotter streaming boxes on the market, fully functional and well priced.

So, about the Black TV Box, does it have any advantages?

Black TV Box

1. iATV system, almost the same system as google certified

2. TV version of the Apps

3. Bluetooth voice remote for Android TV Box

4. MYTV (famous player)

5. 4K 60FPS & 4K HDR

6. LOGO customization: 1 piece, you can choose to customize in TV Box, color box, remote control. If you have this requirement, you need to send the PSD file or PNG of logo.

7. Boot and software customization: 1 piece, customization of boot animation, or pre-installed software

Of course, we also support the customization of the whole box, you need to send us a message and communication through the following way.

iATV Q5 Android TV Box

How does an android tv box work?

1. Connect your tv via AV cables or HDMI cable

2. Power on your Black TV Box

3. Turn on TV & TV Box, and find the corresponding signal source of your Smart TV

Then all works now, you can start to use the Apps of Black TV Box.