Thousands of different TV remote controls with different functions are on the market now, which one is good? How to find a suitable TV remote for my TV or Android TV box?

TV remote control is also named air mouse, here I would like to compare the G10S and BRP1S Plus air mouse as examples for your reference.

  • 2.4G RF function: just need to connect with the USB receiver, you can use the TV remote whenever. No settings, No Align a direction, No delay. Both G10S and BPR1S Plus have the feature.

  • Gyroscope: with the Gyroscope function, you can use the TV remote as your PC mouse, quickly move on the TV screen instead of slowly moving. G10S and BPR1S Plus all support.

  • IR Learning: many original TV boxes and TVs ( Sony/LG/Samsung Smart TV) come with infrared remote controls, which is the original remote control. The IR learning TV remote need to learn each key, then it will work. The IR remote can’t be too far away when use, it has to be pointed in the right direction, and there can’t be obstacles in the middle. BPR1S Plus has these functions, which the G10S series all do not support.

  • BLE: short for Bluetooth, which is the latest technology in the air mouse. As long as the Bluetooth connection, your remote control can be used at any time. See the video below for detailed connection steps. BPR1S Plus has this unique function, while G10S does not. Nowadays, many ATV box are sold with the Bluetooth air mouse, which have a higher price.

  • Voice Assistant: refers to Google Voice Assistant, which means you can directly use the voice assistant to open the APP or search for programs. Today, many TV remote controls have this function, which includes G10S and BPR1S Plus air mouses.

All in all, The BPR1S Plus looks like a universal TV remote control with IR learning, 2.4G, Bluetooth, Gyroscope, Voice functions, which G10S only have 2.4G, Gyroscope, and voice functions. Since their functions are different, their unit prices are also different. In addition to these features, some remote controls also have backlit and batteries.

There is no doubt that BPR1S Plus is better than the G10S air mouse remote. However, there are still some people who don’t like it and think it is too complicated. In a word, what suits you is the best. What do you think?

If you are looking for an air mouse for Android TV box, please contact me by email ( or add me on WhatsApp/Viber/Telegram(+86 18126129120). Just show me your needs, I will recommend one TV remote for you.