With the advancement of technology, many Android TV box manufacturers have produced boxes with the latest Android operating system. Today, I would like to share one of the latest Android 12.0 TV Box, called H96 Max V12 TV Box, which is the upgrade version based on H96 Max V11 tv box. So, what is the main difference between the H96 MAX V12 and H96 Max V11?

1. The H96 Max V12 has the latest Android 12.0 system, while the V11 is an old model with only Android 11.0 system, but the sales have been very good from the beginning.

2. The designs of the two products are completely different(see below pictures), but their configuration is the same. For example: all use RK3318 chip, with Bluetooth, support dual WIFI, 4K, 100M, 2G+16G/4G+32G/4G+64G, remote control also the same.

3. The price of H96 Max V12 will be relatively cheaper.

So, have you already purchased a set-top box with Android 12.0 OS? Which one is yours?

H96 MAX V12 RK3318 Android 12 TV Box
H96 Max V11 Android 11 TV Box RockChip RK3318