In addition to TV set-top boxes, some of our customers have reported that the popularity of projector has increased a lot. At the same time, our marketing department reported that the search volume and order volume of projectors have only increased since 2020. Therefore, if our customers or new want to choose new products of electronic products to increase the product line, the projector will be a good choice.

In the perception of many people, the projector is a device that can only be used in the office, but with the update and iterations of products, some models are specially designed for home use. Buying a quality projector can completely replace a TV and save a lot of money. For about 10 percent of the TV, you can buy a good projector. And we can find that many projectors are portable, and users can use them in more scenes, not just in the living room, and can protect the user’s eyes to a certain extent.

Here I would like to show two different portable projectors which come from HAKO MINI, with the Google certified.

HAKO MINI PL3 Smart Projector with Built-in TV Box

HAKO MINI PL3 Projector

  1. Android 10 operating system
  2. CPU: Amlogic S905Y2 Quad Core ARM A53
  3. RAM/ROM: 2G/8G
  4. Support Bluetooth 4.2, and Dual WIFI-2.4G/5G
  5. Native Resolution:1080P
  6. DC V/A: 19V/3A
  7. Contrast Ratio:3000:1
  8. Aspect Ratio:16:9/4:3 Adaptive
  9. Projection size:40″-120″
  10. Speaker:5W2 Stereo Speaker
  11. Brightness:5000 Brightness/200 ANSI lumens(American National Standards Institute)
  12. Watch movies, sports, shows directly.
  13. Built-in Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and more than 7000 apps in Google Play Store.
  14. Already passed the CE certification, and complies with FCC rules, and RoHS Compliance.
  15. With a projector handle, which can use it conveniently and take it wherever they need it.
  16. Manual Focus(Scroll manual focus left or right until the picture is crystal clear.)
  17. Keystone Correction:±45° (Supports automatic vertical keystone correction, and remote four-point keystone correction.)

HAKO MINI PL4 Projector

  1. Brightness:10000 Brightness/400 ANSI lumens (American National Standards Institute)
  2. Speaker:8W2 Stereo Speaker
  3. DC V/A: 19V/4.74A
  4. Other functions are the exact same as HAKO MINI PL3 Projector
  5. Price also differences.

And we can see from the above info, the HAKO MINI PL3 is more suitable for small conference rooms, home, outdoor small party and so on.

If it were you, which one do you think is more suitable for you?

HAKO MINI PL4 Smart Projector with Android TV Box