Google Certified TV Box and AOSP TV Box are the two version of streaming devices on the market. The Google-certified Android TV Box have a google number on the system, and there is no open source Android system, and the third-party apps cannot be downloaded directly. However, AOSP’s set-top box is an open-source Android system. Customers can freely download third-party software in this system, which generally refers to uncertified Android TV boxes (certification here generally refers to TV boxes certified by Google).

Today, I would like to share one Android TV Box google certified, called Hako Pro TV Box.

HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box
HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box

Hako Pro ATV Box Features:

1. Google-certified TV Box, same as the Xiaomi, Amazon, Google Chromecast, or Mecool Google Certified Android TV Box.

2. With powerful Amlogic S905Y4 Chipset, running fast

3. The latest Android 11 operating system on the Google Certified TV Box. Some of them are still Android 9, or Android 10 OS.

4. Support Dual WIFI 2.4G/5G

5. Support BLE, and BLE 5.0 remote control with Voice control function.

6. The Hako Pro Android TV Box with Netflix, 4K streaming

7. Support OTA

8. Support 2 USB hosts, and 1 TF Card for extra memory

9. Built-in apps, YouTube, Netflix, Prime video, etc.

10. 2G+16G RAM&ROM, larger memory than other ATV Boxes

How Does An Android TV Box Work?

1. Use HDMI cable to connect your TV Box and TV

2. Open the TV Box, pair the Bluetooth for the remote control

3. Connect your internet by cable or WIFI

4. Start streaming

That’s all info on the Hako Pro TV Box. Do you like this box?

There are many tv boxes, called the best Google-certified Android TV Box, check all the reviews before purchasing one. If you don’t like the Google-certified TV Boxes, you also can try some AOSP Android TV Box 4K streaming devices, which totally different from ATV Box.

1. A larger memory, like 4G+32G, 4G+64G, 8G+64G, etc.
2. the Android version will be higher than the google certified TV Box like the latest one will be the Android 12.0 OS.
3. 4K live streaming, and 6K or 8K video decoding, that ATV boxes do not have
4. But for most AOSP TV Box with an IR remote control. You also can upgrade the remote control to the 2.4G remote control or Bluetooth remote control for Android TV Box.

There are thousands of non-google certified TV boxes on the market, you can buy the best android tv box after doing some research or reviews on some B2C platforms.