Streaming device, also called a streaming media device, is designed to connect to a TV to get some features that are not available on a regular TV. Our user population mainly goes for streaming device in the following cases.

1. only have a normal TV.

2. Although you have a smart TV, but the smart TV is not full-featured enough or the memory is not big enough to download more streaming apps.

So, customers buy a streaming media device to get more features.

Currently, the more common streaming devices on the market are Android TV box, TV stick, linux TV box, Mag box, Apple TV, and so on. They all serve the same purpose, just operate and function differently.

How Does a Streaming Device Work?

This topic is a bit complicated, but the operation of the above streaming devices are all similar. We will take the Android box, Q8 TV Box as an example, and briefly introduce their connection and work related information.

1. Connect Q8 Android Box and TV via HDMI cable.

2. Turn on the power of Q8 box and TV.

3. Switch the HDMI corresponding signal source on top of the TV.

4. Q8 box will start automatically and connect to the network through WIFI or network cable. (Q8 has a lot of streaming software pre-installed inside, which requires network to access. If the pre-installed software does not have the software you want, you can search for the software you want in Google play store, download and install it to use it.)

5. For example, if you want to watch NETFLIX, you just need to open the app, enter your account, and you can watch movies at home.

Other streaming products are roughly the same procedure. Connection and operation are easy, so streaming media devices are increasingly accepted by users.

Q8 S905Y4 iATV TV Box with BT Voice Remote
Q8 S905Y4 iATV TV Box with BT Voice Remote