Air mouse or called remote control mainly refers to the remote control used on the TV, TV box, TV stick to operate and use. From the original infrared remote control to the current 2.4G and Bluetooth remote control, it has been widely popular among users. So, what are the main features of remote control nowadays?

1 Infrared learning: Air Mouse remote control can use infrared to control the device after learning the infrared code value of the original remote control of the device through infrared. Some of air mouse support infrared learning for some certain buttons, some remote control support all buttons to do infrared learning, like BPR1S Plus air mouse.

2 Gyroscope: It is similar to the function of gravity sensing, you can control the mouse by shaking the direction of the Air Mouse. The movement speed of the mouse can be adjusted, generally by pressing the “OK” key + “volume + / -” key to control the speed of the mouse, you can check the instructions of the remote control.

3 Backlight: Remote control buttons behind the light, easy to use at night, backlight is divided into: white, RGB three-color and seven-color colorful

4 Voice function: the remote control through the voice control, similar to the voice assistant of the phone. The voice of Android box is divided into AOSP voice, ATV voice and Amazon Alexa voice. AOSP voice can only be tuned out through the protocol, and only supports 2.4G remote control. Different remotes can realize the voice function by long press and short press.

5 Built-in Battery: Some remotes are powered by their own battery boards, which do not require batteries and can be charged directly with a charging cable. There are 2 types of battery boards on the market: one is a lithium battery, which is removable, such as the i8 air mouse, and the other is a polymer pack, which is not removable, such as the G7 series remotes.

6 Mini keyboard: There are part of the Air Mouse with mini keyboard, similar to the computer keyboard, most of the keyboard is in English, some in Russian.

7 Anti-loss function: mainly for 2.4G remote control, in the USB receiver installed an anti-loss button, click on the button, the remote control will sound an alarm

8 Touchpad: the remote control is equipped with a touchpad similar to that of a laptop, which can be used to control the mouse movement.

9 Infrared isolation: the remote control in general in the state of Bluetooth connection is not able to use infrared control devices, and infrared isolation allows your remote control in the state of Bluetooth connection to use infrared control devices. Like BPR2S Plus air mouse, and BPR3S Plus air mouse.

10 Direction ball: the remote control is equipped with a round ball, similar to the computer mouse on the ball, used to control the remote control mouse to move quickly.

11 OTA: remote control firmware upgrade function, generally used in the Bluetooth remote control, through the cell phone APP on the remote control firmware upgrade.

The above is about the main function of the remote control, if you want to know more, you can contact me directly. I will introduce the most suitable remote control to you based on your requirement.