Air Mouse is a remote control that can be used on set-top boxes, smart TVs, tablets, computers, and other devices. Unlike ordinary traditional remote controls, it has many functions, among which it is called an air mouse because of its gyroscope function, which enables it to move as fast as a computer mouse. So, what are the special features of Air Mouse today?

1. Infrared learning function: Most of the remote controls on the market now support infrared learning with a small number of keys, and a small number of remote controls can support full-key learning. The Air Mouse with a small number of key learning can only learn one or a few keys. The Air Mouse with full key learning can learn all the keys. The function of the Air Mouse with full key learning will be more powerful and more suitable for replacing more original remote controls. device.

2. 2.4G connection: As far as the current situation is concerned, this is a connection method with a relatively high usage rate. The user needs to restore the Air Mouse to the state to be paired first, and then plug the USB receiver into the device to be controlled. The shorter the distance between the Air Mouse and the receiver, the better, and it can be used normally after the pairing is successful. . Because the pairing is easy, it is more popular with users.

3. Bluetooth connection: It is the latest connection method, and it is also a remote control connection method for many ATV boxes or devices. The user needs to restore the Air Mouse to the state to be paired first, then turn on the Bluetooth of the device to be controlled, search for the Air Mouse and click to connect, wait for the pairing to be successful, and then it can be used normally.

4. Gyroscope: Similar to the function of gravity sensing, the mouse can be controlled by shaking the direction of the Air Mouse. This function is the same as that of the computer mouse.

5. Backlight: There is light behind the buttons of the Air Mouse, which can quickly find the remote control in a dark environment.

6. Voice function: Air Mouse can control the box through voice software, and the user’s device needs to install Google Assistant. The user only needs to press and hold the voice function key, and then speak, such as: open YouTube, the device will turn on after hearing the command.

7. Built-in Battery: Some Air Mouse is powered by their own lithium battery board, no battery is needed, you can directly use the charging cable to charge the Air Mouse.

8. Mini keyboard: Some TV Air Mouses have mini keyboards, similar to computer keyboards. Most of the keyboards are in English, and some are in Russian. With this keyboard, users can type directly like on a computer.

9. Anti-lost function: Only a few air mice have this function, such as W1 Plus. If you can’t find the air mouse, just press the search button on the receiver, and the TV air mouse will sound an alarm. Then you can find it immediately. This function can perfectly solve the situation that the user is easy to lose the air mouse.

The above are some of the functions of the existing air mouse. Of course, at present, there is no way for an air mouse to be compatible with all the above functions, but only some functions. A suitable and satisfactory air mouse depends on the functions the user needs. As long as this air mouse has the functions you want, you can buy it directly.

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