An Air mouse is a kind of remote control with a built-in Gyroscope. Like the computer mouse, you can move the cursor quickly instead of slowly moving by the up and down button. Nowadays, many newly designed remotes have Gyroscope functions, they are all called air mouse.

Except for the Gyroscope functions, are there any features on the air mouse remotes?

IR learning

IR is short for Infrared, it will have a light. IR learning remote control is the most primitive and earliest remotes, mainly used for the TV and DVB Box. We can use this remote control as long as it learns from the original one. However, due to the limitation of infrared light itself, infrared remote control can not pass through the obstacle for remote control or remote control the device at a large angle.
Now some of the remote control has an IR learning function, but just for a few buttons, so you need to check with the seller, to make sure it meets your requirement.

2.4G wireless

Wireless 2.4G remote control is becoming popular for a long time. This remote control signal transmission method successfully solves the drawbacks of infrared remote control and can remote control the TV from all angles in the house. You need to equip a USB receiver for use.


Bluetooth air mouse is to achieve a completely independent signal transmission channel through Bluetooth transmission, thus avoiding the interference between the wireless signals of different devices. And because the Bluetooth signal transmission is well encrypted, we don’t have to worry about the transmitted signal being obtained by others. As a supplement to 2.4GHz technology, the use of Bluetooth remote control has become a trend.


Backlite means it will have a light/colorful light with the remote control. You can use it casually when in a dark room.


Voice function means the Google Voice assistant, you can speak when you press the voice button. For example: Open YouTube! After receiving the order, you will find your TV is opening the YouTube.

In the past, many Google Certified Android Box have Voice search functions, but now some AOSP Android boxes also support Voice search remotes.


The air mouse with keyboard is a unique function for some users who need more keys while using it on Android tv boxes, iPad, Smart TVs, PC, etc.

It’s small, but it’s convenient.

Together with the gyroscope, the above 7 features for a regular air mouse. If you think it’s complicated, you can choose a simpler one.
Here to give you a hot product, the name is BPR1S Plus air mouse, which has full key IR learning, 2.4G, BLE, Gyroscope, and voice search functions. BPR1S Plus is like a universal tv remote control, which can be used on most Android TV Boxes(including x88 pro 20, H96 max tv box, X96 X4 TV box, etc.), Google Certificated TV boxes, Smart TV, etc.

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