The high gain antenna is the key to receiving and transmitting wireless signals for your helium miner, choosing a good antenna is what can make you get more helium miner rewards, but the antennas on the market have different gains and different quality, how to judge or choose the perfect antenna?
In fact, there is no such thing as a perfect antenna! All users need to pick the right absentee antenna according to the environment they live in and the equipment they are currently using.

1. Don’t pick a cheap Miner Antenna. You get what you pay for, cheap quality is certainly not just a loss of money, the effect and experience are also bad.
2. Choose an omnidirectional helium miner antenna or directional antenna according to your needs. A directional antenna is the only part of the area that can receive the signal.
3. Pick your own country frequency band antenna. For example, if your country frequency band is US915, and you pick the 868 bands, then this helium mining antenna you are completely useless.
4. Choose a fiberglass antenna instead of plastic fiber. Fiberglass antenna has strong weather resistance, corrosion resistance, UV resistance, anti-aging, and impact resistance, and still performs well in the harsh environment of high temperature and low cold -45~110 degrees, more suitable for various complex environments.
5. Choose the right antenna gain. As the antenna gain increases, its vertical path becomes narrower (this is the angle it can transmit and receive).

different lengths 868MHZ/915MHZ helium miner antenna

Here are a few common LoRa antennas we always see on the market.
3dBi/4dBi helium miner antenna: Suitable for indoors at lower levels, hills, mountains, trees, tall buildings, densely populated, surrounding structures with obstructions.
5.8dBi helium mining antenna: Suitable for indoor or outdoor, attic or roof, moderate obstruction in surrounding structure, need to cover higher and farther.
8 dBi helium antenna: Suitable for outdoor, high-level roofs with low-level visible structure/mountain obstruction.
10dBi antenna-12dBi helium hotspot antenna: Suitable for outdoor, highest point, or hilltop with no obstructions in all directions

After picking the right antenna for your helium miner hotspot, it is also recommended that users pick a high-quality LMR400 cable to reduce signal loss.

That’s all. If you have any supplements on choosing a helium miner antenna, pls directly email at or WhatsApp me, let’s discuss or share more info about cryptocurrency!