Android TV Box is always one of the popular streaming devices in the world. With different configurations, and designs, the price also varies. So, how to find a perfect TV Box if you have no idea about Android Box?

What does the Android tv box do?

Android TV Box is like a smartphone, that can connect your TV & display screen and the network, you can use the apps of TV Box, like Youtube, TIKTOK, Facebook, or live streaming, and surf the Internet, exactly like a big phone with your smart TV.

There are two versions of TV Boxes, one is the AOSP TV Box, another is Google certified Android TV box. Google certification means the box got a Google certification number, and can not directly download third-party apps, but you can get it from the Downloader App.

There are some tips to buy an Android TV box.

1. Google certified or AOSP Box? Normally, only some brands of TV Box got the certification, like Xiaomi, Google Chromecast, Amazon, HAKO MINI, MECOOL, etc. Most popular tv boxes will not have Google certified.

2. Chipset: Many TV Boxes will share what chipset they are using, and different chipsets, and prices are also different. The most high-cost chipset will be Amlogic chipset, Rockchip, and Allwinner.

3. RAM & ROM: Nowadays, many TV Box are 1G+8G, 2G+16G, 4G+32G, 4G+64G, 8G+64G, 8G+128G. For google certified TV Box, normally only have 1G+8G or 2G+8G. And also you need to check if you buy a TV Box with fake memory. The box shows 8G+256G, but actually only has 1G+8G or 2G+16G.

4. Support Bluetooth?: Now, many new Android TV Boxes will with Bluetooth, and some old models will not have Bluetooth. This is about the inside system. Some TV Boxes not only inside have Bluetooth, but the remote control also is Bluetooth. And many TV Boxes with Google certification will a Bluetooth Remotes.

5. Dual WIFI or Single WIFI: Dual WIFI means you can use both 2.4G and 5G WIFI, while still, some old TV Box models have 2.4G WIFI only.

6. Android System: The latest version of Android is Android 12.0, others will be Android 11.0, Android 10.0, Android 9, etc.

7. 4K Live streaming: Most TV Box support this, but there are some TV Box support 6K or 8K video decoding, which allows watching High-resolution videos. This will affect the price of Android TV Box.

8. HDMI or AV connect: AV connection is for some old TV, while most can be connected by HDMI.

9. USB: Most TV Boxes will have 2 USB hosts or more USB hosts. The latest USB version will be USB 3.0, old will be USB2.0.

10. Design: most of the boxes are made of plastic or iron, and the heat dissipation is different. Some set-top boxes have external RGB lights, and some set-top boxes have external WIFI boosters.

Each configuration will be related to the cost closely. Therefore, you can also decide what kind of set-top box to use according to your budget(X88, H96 Max, T95, x96 android tv box, etc.). If you are looking for wholesale android tv box info, pls leave me a message below, and I will contact you in 24 hours.