Air Mouse is a kind of remote control, the most characteristic is with a gyroscope, the user can move the cursor as fast as the mouse. Compared with the ordinary remote control, air mouse is more convenient and useful. They can be widely used in TV boxes, smart TVs, TV sticks, projectors and other devices.

Air mouse remote control mainly has gyroscope, infrared learning, voice, anti-lost, with keyboard, with battery, with backlight and other features.

BPIR Universal Remote Control
G60S PRO BT Air Mouse
BPR2S BPR2S Plus Voice Remote Control
BPR3S Plus Voice Remote Control

What are the connection methods of air mouse?
1. The most traditional connection method, infrared connection. Many remote control is only support power key infrared learning, or some remote control can support multi-key or full key learning. After learning, you can use the remote control. For example: BPIR remote control, support all buttons to do IR learning.
2. 2.4G connection, usually need to match with USB receiver. Just plug the USB receiver into the device you want to use and wait a while before you can use it. Like G10S air mouse, with 2.4G, voice, gyroscope functions.
3. Bluetooth connection. You have to make sure that the device you are using is also Bluetooth enabled, open the settings, find Bluetooth and then do the connection.

Like the BPR2S Plus or BPR3S Plus, they both support connected by 2.4G, Bluetooth as well.

Which remote control do you prefer, with these three connection methods?