Android TV box is one of the popular consumer electronics device that can be used in the home as long as they are connected to the Internet. So, if I want to connect some content from my mobile phone to the my TV Box, what do I have to do?

Here, I will take the iATV Q5 Black TV Box as an example.

iATV Q5 Black stream TV Box with Allwinner chipset, Android 10.0 operating system, 2G+8G, dual wifi, voice Bluetooth remote control, and other features. How to connect my phone to Black TV Box?

1. On your mobile phone, download the screencasting software
(Android phone download Mircast, Apple phone download Airscreen)
Open the APP store on your mobile phone, and search for the name of the screencasting software, click to install

2. Make sure that your phone and the TV box are connected to the same Wifi network.

3. Enter the APP, open Miracast on your phone, open the screencasting software, click Wireless Display, find the name of the TV box, and click connect, After a successful connection, you can cast the screen normally

For detailed info, you can watch the below video.