Today, I’m going to share a versatile, easy-to-use Bluetooth air mouse called the G7 BTS Air Mouse.

G7 BTS Air Mouse advantages are as follows:

1. Bluetooth 5.0: After connected with your device, you can use it anytime.

2. Supports infrared learning with 5 keys

3. Gyroscope function, which allows you to move the cursor quickly.

4. Backlight: can be used in low light environment.

5. Built-in rechargeable battery, low power will be reminded.

6. With mini keyboard, you can easily and quickly input the letters you want.

7. It works on Android TV Box, Smart TV, PC, Gamepad, Tablet, etc.

8. This model doesn’t have 2.4G and voice, but other models do. You can click air mouse for more content.

How to Connect the G7 BTS Air Mouse Remote Control?

1. Click the “OK” key + “IR” key of the G7 BTS air mouse, the indicator light will change to flashing, and enter the state to be matched

2. Use the original remote control of the device, go to the settings, open the Bluetooth and search

3. After searching the G7 BTS Air mouse, click it and confirm the pair

4. After pair connection, you can use G7 BTS Air mouse to control the device.

Simple and quickly connection, right?

If you still have questions, you can watch the below video.

G7 BTS BLE Bluetooth Air Mouse Remote Gyroscope IR Learning Backlit with Mini Keyboard 2