TV Box is generally a streaming device that has an Android operating system. This TV Box has a lot of built-in streaming software that connects to the internet and TV for surfing the web and watching LIVE programs online.

Currently, there are 3 main different systems of Android TV Box. They are ATV system, iATV system and AOSP system. ATV system mainly refers to the Google certified box, iATV system means that the system is the same as the Google certified ATV system box, but not certified by Google. AOSP is the open source system TV Box, no Google certification, using other more convenient and easy.

So, about these three types of TV boxes to how to download more software?

1. First of all, some popular software will be pre-installed before the TV box is shipped from the factory. So, if you already have the software, you don’t need to do the additional installation.

2. Secondly, a lot of streaming apps can be found directly in Google Play Store, so you can download and install it.

3. Finally, if the software is a third-party software, it cannot be found in Google Play Store. We need to download it depending on the type of TV Boxes.AOSP and iATV boxes can be downloaded and installed by opening Google Chrome and entering the download link. You can also download the APK file of the software to a USB flash drive, then copy it to TV Box and install it to use it. However, ATV system TV Boxes don’t have as many permissions, so they are downloaded through the *Downloader* software, enter the download link, download and install. Or, through the *File Manager’ software, open the APK file in the USB flash drive, install and use it. ATV system boxes must open the permission to install when downloading and installing.

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