When you buy an Android TV box, it comes with a lot of default Applications for the system. You can use it directly, but what do you do if that system doesn’t have the app you want?

First of all, you can directly search for the app you want in Google Play, download, install, and use it.

Second, if you can’t search for the apps in Google Play, you can check the below info and do it.

A. If your Android set-top box is a Google-certified ATV box, you can use/download Downloader software, enter the link of the app you need to download, and download it to this Android streaming device. If it is a regular AOSP box, you can just open Google Chrome and enter the download link to download it.

B. Most of the TV boxes support USB applications, so you can download the APK file of the app on your computer to a USB flash drive, and then copy it to the TV box and install it. This is something that AOSP TV boxes can do directly, but ATV boxes still have to use/download File Manager and other similar apps to access the contents of the USB flash drive.

These are some of the things about this topic, so, do you know the difference between ATV box and AOSP box?

HAKO PRO S905Y4 Android 11.0 ATV Box
X88 PRO 13 RK3528 Android 13.0 TV Box